What Type of Inner Critic Do I Have?

Discover Which of the Seven Types of Critics Are Hurting You and What to Do About Them
  • Do you feel bad about yourself?
  • Do you hear a voice calling you worthless and unlovable?
  • Do you believe that you’ll never get anywhere?
  • Is there a voice that constantly doubts your abilities?
This is not the truth about you.
These are attacks from a part of you called the Inner Critic, 
which judges you, demeans you, and tells you who you should be. 
It undermines your self-confidence and makes you feel bad about yourself.

We all struggle with negative messages from inside us.

Take this quiz to learn about the seven types of Inner Critics.
Find out which types are a problem for you,
and what to do about them.

Answer each question by asking yourself, "how often is this true for me?" Answer with the first thing to comes to mind. 
  • Most people take between 4 and 8 minutes to complete the quiz.
  • Answer these questions to the best of your ability, without giving them a great deal of thought.
  • Write down your first reaction.
  • You must answer all the questions.
I set extremely high standards for myself.

I feel terrible about myself when my eating gets out of control.

I push myself to work very hard so I can achieve my goals.

When I think of trying something new and challenging, I give up before I begin.

I do things to people that I feel guilty for.

I feel deeply ashamed of myself.

I have a hard time feeling OK about myself when I'm not acting in accordance with my childhood programming.

I expend a great deal of effort trying to control my impulsive eating.

My self-confidence is so low that I don’t believe I can succeed at anything.

I feel like I am fundamentally flawed.

It is hard for me to start on new projects because it is unacceptable to make mistakes even when I am just learning.

I feel crushed by a sense of worthlessness.

There is no end to the things I create for myself to do.

I tell myself that, if I were a good person, I would take better care of people.

I have rigid standards for what I can eat and how much.

I believe that it is safer not to try than to fail.

I get anxious and self-critical when things don’t come out just right.

At a deep level I feel like I don’t have the right to exist.

I feel ashamed when I don’t measure up to others’ expectations.

I feel bad because I am too lazy to really make it in the world.

I have a nagging feeling that I am morally bad.

I feel bad because I can’t be what my family or culture expects of me.

I feel ashamed of my eating habits.

I spend much more time than is needed on a project in order to make it as good as possible.

I try really hard to overcome my tendency to avoid doing tasks.

I feel that I don’t have what it takes to succeed.

I am troubled by something I have done that I cannot forgive myself for.

I know who I ought to be, and I’m hard on myself when I act differently.

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