What Interpersonal Capacities Should I Develop?

How to Improve the Way You Relate to People

Do you wonder…
  • Do I need to be more assertive, cooperative, self-supporting?
  • What capacities will help my relationships to be successful?
  • What capacities do I need to have more harmonious interactions with people?
  • What capacities will help me in social settings?

Take this quiz to learn which Interpersonal Capacities would be most useful for you.

This quiz covers all the Interpersonal Capacities. I have created two quizzes for capacities (this one and the Personal Capacities Quiz) instead of one, in order to limit the number of questions in each quiz.
Some of the questions refer to your "partner." If you aren't in a love relationship, answer these questions in terms of how you have been in past relationships. If you have changed since the last time you were in a love relationship, answer based on how you think you would be now. If you've never been in a love relationship, answer in terms of the person you are closest to.
  • Most people take between 4 and 8 minutes to complete the quiz.
  • Answer these questions to the best of your ability, without giving them a great deal of thought.
  • Write down your first reaction.
  • You must answer all the questions.
I feel uncomfortable asking for what I want.

My anger gets out of control.

I avoid bringing up challenging issues with people.

I need to do things my own way.

I tend to be judgmental towards others.

I feel distant from my partner.

I feel insecure in social settings with people I don't know very well.

I am out of touch with my needs and desires.

I’m not good at taking care of myself.

I’m not good at standing up for myself.

I react with anger when provoked.

When someone brings up a problem with me, I tend to avoid it.

It is difficult for me to collaborate with others.

I get defensive when I am criticized.

I avoid sharing my feelings with my partner.

I expect people not to like me.

I believe that I don’t deserve to have my needs met.

It is hard for me to feel grounded and whole when I’m not connected to my partner.

I lack a sense of personal power.

When someone challenges me, I get confused or unsure of my opinions.

I get oppositional with authority figures.

It is hard for me to communicate in a way that people can hear me.

I avoid being sexual and affectionate with my partner.

I feel scared to speak up in groups of people.

It is hard for me to say No when someone asks me to do something.

I express my frustration or irritation in a way that doesn’t work well.

I take care of other people's needs instead of my own.

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