What Personal Capacities Should I Develop?

How to Improve the Way You Feel and Function

Do you wonder…
  • Which capacities can help me be successful?
  • What will aid me in being more self-confident?
  • Do I need to be more at ease, responsible, clear?
  • Which capacities will help me be more comfortable with myself?
Take this quiz to learn which Personal Capacities would be most useful for you.

This quiz covers all the Personal Capacities. I have created two quizzes for capacities (this one and the Interpersonal Capacities Quiz) instead of one, in order to limit the number of questions in each quiz.
Some of the questions refer to your "work." If you are retired or not currently employed, answer these questions in term of whatever tasks or projects you need to accomplish in your life.
  • Most people take between 4 and 8 minutes to complete the quiz.
  • Answer these questions to the best of your ability, without giving them a great deal of thought.
  • Write down your first reaction.
  • You must answer all the questions.
I get confused or spaced out in difficult situations.

My eating gets out of control.

My energy is low.

I avoid taking the risks to move my life ahead.

I feel pressured with my work.

I am out of touch with my needs and desires.

I feel resentful about the way certain people have treated me.

I feel bad about myself.

It is hard for me to accomplish tasks that need to be done.

It is hard for me to think clearly when I’m triggered.

I use food to avoid feeling painful emotions.

I feel depressed and bad about myself.

I am frightened of being powerful and visible.

I allow myself to complete a project only when it is nearly perfect.

I believe that I don’t deserve pleasure and satisfaction.

I believe that my life situation is impossible to deal with.

I feel insecure about my ability to be successful.

It is hard for me to stay alert and focused when I need to.

I feel hopeless about my life.

I believe that standing out in the world is dangerous.

I push myself to work very hard.

I feel like I'm not in charge of my life.

I lack self-confidence.

I feel incompetent in my work.

It is hard for me to take time off from work for relaxation, family, or fun.

I keep on eating even after I am full.

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