Becoming a Self-Therapy Journey Mentor

We are looking for knowledgeable STJ users who would be interested in being mentors for new users. You could be there to support someone who is just getting to know STJ in any of the following ways:
  1. Being on the phone with them as they go through it the first time, or maybe just their first session.
  2. Being available to talk with them after each STJ session.
  3. Answering their questions and giving advice.
You can choose how you would like to be a mentor. You can choose who you would like to work with. You can choose to be a mentor only when you have the time. You aren't committing yourself to anything you aren't comfortable with.

If you are interested in being on a list of mentors so new users can contact you, send an email to

You may include the following information: Name, email, gender, job, your experience with STJ, IFS, and the Pattern System, any other information about your experience of working on yourself.

This information will be shared publicly on the Mentors page so only provide information you are comfortable sharing publicly.