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The Pattern System is organized by dimensions, which correspond to areas of psychological functioning. Each dimension contains a number of patterns and capacities. The patterns are problematic ways of functioning that you might want to change. The capacities are healthy ways of being that you might want to develop.

You can browse these dimensions in order to decide which pattern or capacity you would like to explore next.

Interpersonal Dimension Group. The group of dimensions that deal with the way we interact with and relate to other people.

Inner Critic Dimension Group. The group of dimensions that deal with self-judgment and issues that can trigger self-judgment, such as quality, accomplishment, conscience, pleasure, conformity, decisions, and risk.

Personal Dimension Group. The rest of the dimensions, which deal with other aspects of functioning.

Learn about the Pattern System

XA pattern is a way of acting, relating, thinking, or feeling that is a problem for you or others. It may keep you from getting you what you want in life. It may close you off to your own experience or your connection with others. It may cause you or others unnecessary pain. A pattern tends to be too rigid, extreme, dysfunctional, or inappropriate for whatever situation you are in.

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XA capacity is a healthy way of being. It is a goal for personal growth. It is a way of functioning (and experiencing) that involves feeling good, getting what you want in life, and relating well to other people. Some capacities are interpersonal, such as Intimacy and Assertiveness. Some are personal, such as Ease and Self-Esteem.

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