"Shift" Enrollment Level for a Capacity

  • Quick simple behavior shift
  • Clear goal
For people who are…
  • Busy, after quick results
  • Just starting to work on a capacity
  • Coaching clients 
What is Included
Capacity Stage: Exploring the capacity 
Practice Stage: Creating a real-time practice that activates it.

This level is also for people who want to develop a capacity and have already transformed the pattern(s) that block that capacity, or people who don't need to explore those patterns.

You can enroll for a specific capacity at the Shift Level for $8.

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Click Enrollment

to make your enrollment choice

XA capacity is a healthy way of being. It is a goal for personal growth. It is a way of functioning (and experiencing) that involves feeling good, getting what you want in life, and relating well to other people. Some capacities are interpersonal, such as Intimacy and Assertiveness. Some are personal, such as Ease and Self-Esteem.

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