Deciding Which Pattern or Capacity to Explore

Which Bothers You
We all have elements of most of the patterns in our behavior and feelings. We may have a little of a certain pattern or a lot. It isn't a matter of deciding in some objective way whether or not you have a pattern. You just need to decide if you have a given pattern enough that it is bothering you or impairing your relationships with others. If this is true, you will probably want to work on it. If not, you don't need to bother.

You Can Work on Both
The patterns aren't mutually exclusive. They can overlap. So don't worry about deciding if some behavior of yours falls under one pattern or another . It may be both. Therefore working on both patterns might be helpful to you. The same is true of the capacities. They can also overlap. If you see two capacities that you might benefit by developing, you don't have to choose. You can work on developing both of them.

Take a Quiz
STJ has quizzes to help you determine which patterns or capacities would be most helpful for you to work on. Click here to take them.