Inner Critic Dimension Group

Here is a chart showing the Inner Critic Dimensions, with their patterns and capacities. Below the chart is a description of each dimension and a link to its patterns and capacities. Some dimensions are not yet in STJ; these don't have links.

For an explanation of this chart, watch the videos at Pattern System and for more details about the columns in the chart, click here.

Browsing the Inner Critic Dimensions

Below are the Inner Critic Dimensions. You can browse the ones that seem most relevant to your issues. When you click on each dimension, you will see its patterns and capacities, where you can learn more about them or work on them. (Some dimensions don't have links because they haven't yet been implemented in Self-Therapy Journey.)

Self-Esteem Dimension. Do you feel good about yourself, or do you frequently judge yourself? Do you accept yourself as you are? Do you try to prop up your self-esteem with pride? How do you deal with improving yourself?

Accomplishment Dimension. Are you confident in working on and accomplishing tasks? Do you procrastinate? Do you push or judge yourself to try to get things done or to achieve, or can you accomplish with ease?

Quality Dimension. How do you deal with producing quality work? Are you sloppy? Are you overly concerned with producing perfect work? Can you work with ease and still do an excellent job?

Risk Dimension. How do you deal with taking risks in your life? Do you have the courage to take risks in order to move forward in your life? Do you take foolhardy risks, or are you prudent? Or do you avoid all risks and therefore become paralyzed in your life? Are you afraid of situations that aren’t really risky? Do you try to arrange your life to eliminate all risk?

Individuality Dimension. How do you deal with being yourself versus fitting in to your family or culture? Do you cling to tradition as a conformist, or can you be yourself even when that means going outside the mores of your family or culture? Can you integrate with the positive traditions of your culture, or are you rebellious no matter what the cost? (This dimension is not yet in STJ.)

Pleasure Dimension. How do you deal with food, drink, sex, and other bodily pleasures? Do you indulge in harmful ways? Do you control yourself rigidly to avoid such indulgence? Do you bounce back and forth between overindulging and castigating yourself for it?

Conscience Dimension. How do you deal with the possibility that you have hurt others or violated your values? Do you feel so guilty that you can’t forgive yourself, or do you just feel a reasonable degree of remorse and desire to make amends? Or are you so callous that you don’t care how you impact others? Can you forgive yourself? Can you accept yourself when faced with guilt-tripping from others? (This dimension is not yet in STJ.)

Energy Dimension. How do you deal with your energy and aliveness? Can you be both peaceful and energetic? Do you get agitated and manic? Or are you low-energy and depressed?

Decision Dimension. How do you deal with decision making? Are you impulsive, or can you be thoughtful about decisions when necessary? Are you decisive, or do you constantly doubt your decisions? (This dimension is not yet in STJ.)

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