Interpersonal Dimension Group

Here is a chart showing the Interpersonal Dimensions, with their patterns and capacities. Below the chart is a description of each dimension and a link to its patterns and capacities. Some dimensions are not yet in STJ; these don't have links.

For an explanation of this chart, watch the videos at Pattern System and for more details about the columns in the chart, click here.

Browsing the Interpersonal Dimensions

Below are the Interpersonal Dimensions. You can browse the ones that seem most relevant to your issues. When you click on each dimension, you will see its patterns and capacities, where you can learn more about them or work on them. (Some dimensions don't have links because they haven't yet been implemented in Self-Therapy Journey.)

Intimacy Dimension. Do you avoid intimacy, need it too much, fear it, love it? Can you be autonomous in an intimate relationship without denying your needs? Do you get dependent in relationships, or can you support yourself?

Conflict Dimension. How do you deal with differences of opinion as well as desires, disagreements, judgment, anger, and fights? Do you use avoidance tactics? Do you become angry, blaming, or defensive? Can you communicate your concerns without judgment and own your part in a problem? Do you become frightened or feel bad about yourself? Can you bring up conflicts and set limits on attacks?

Power Dimension. How do you deal with power in your relationships? Do you give in too easily to others or try too hard to please them? Do you need to be in control? Do you feel as though you must stand up for yourself against people you view as dominating? Do you frustrate others without realizing why? Can you assert yourself? Can you work with people in a spirit of cooperation?

Care Dimension. How do you balance your needs versus other people’s needs? Do you end up taking care of others rather than yourself? Do people tell you that you don’t show enough care or concern for them?

Social Dimension. How do you relate to people socially? Are you outgoing or shy, scared or confident in reaching out to people or making conversation? Are you self-effacing or charming, attention seeking or avoiding? Are you overly oriented toward performance in the way you relate to others, or are you more genuine?

Strength Dimension. How do you deal with self-protection and assertiveness in situations that can bring up anger? Do you dump your anger on people? Do you disown your anger and therefore lose your strength? Can you be centered and communicate clearly when you are angry? Can you be strong and forceful without being reactive?

Trust Dimension. Are you usually trusting of people, or do you easily get suspicious? Can you perceive when someone isn’t trustworthy, or are you gullible? (This dimension is not yet in STJ.)

Honesty Dimension. Are you honest with people, or do you try to deceive them to get your way? Can you be tactful along with being honest, or do you become judgmental and insensitive to your effect on others? (This dimension is not yet in STJ.)

Evaluation Dimension. Can you see people clearly, or do you tend to idealize certain people? Can you appreciate people for who they are, or do you tend to be judgmental of them? (This dimension is not yet in STJ.)

Responsibility Dimension. How do you deal with being in charge of, and responsible for, what happens in your life? Do you take a powerless victim stance? Do you think you can control everything that happens?

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