List of Capacities

Here are two lists of the healthy capacities in Self-Therapy Journey that you might want to develop. 
Each capacity is followed by a typical statement made by someone who has that capacity.

Click on any link for more information about that capacity and the option to work on developing it. This leads to having this capacity available in your life when you need it for healthy feeling, functioning, and relating.

Not sure which capacity to work on? Take a Capacity Quiz to find out.

Interpersonal Capacities

Assertiveness Capacity
I can ask for what I want, stand up for myself, and say No.

Centered Capacity
I can stay cool even when my anger is triggered.

Challenge Capacity
I can bring up issues that are bothering me with people I’m close to.

Cooperation Capacity
I am open to other people’s opinions and can work well with them.

Good Communication Capacity
I can express my concerns in a way that people can hear me.

Intimacy Capacity
I am close and loving with my partner.

Self-Care Capacity
I am in touch with my own needs and desires.

Self-Support Capacity
I feel whole even when my partner is away or distant.

Social Confidence Capacity
I feel confident in social settings.

Personal Capacities

Aliveness Capacity
I feel energetic and hopeful.

Clarity Capacity
I can think clearly and stay focused even in difficult situations.

Conscious Consumption Capacity
I eat with awareness and in moderation.

Courage Capacity
I have the courage to take the risks to move my life ahead.

Ease Capacity
I feel confident and at ease in my work.

Pleasure Capacity
I enjoy my sensuality and know that I deserve pleasure and satisfaction.

Responsibility Capacity
I feel empowered and in charge of my life.

Self-Esteem Capacity
I feel good about myself.

Work Confidence Capacity
I feel confident in my ability to accomplish tasks and be successful.

Capacity Quizzes

Take a quiz to learn which capacities to focus on.

XA capacity is a healthy way of being. It is a goal for personal growth. It is a way of functioning (and experiencing) that involves feeling good, getting what you want in life, and relating well to other people. Some capacities are interpersonal, such as Intimacy and Assertiveness. Some are personal, such as Ease and Self-Esteem.

Click here for a list of all the capacities in STJ.