List of Patterns

Here are two lists of the patterns that you can work on changing. 
With each pattern is a typical statement made by someone with that pattern.
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Interpersonal Patterns

Angry Pattern
I can get carried away with my anger.

Caretaking Pattern
I’m always taking care of my friends but I don’t get caring in return.

Conflict-Avoiding Pattern
I’m afraid of conflict, so I don’t bring up things that are bothering me, and they fester.

Controlling Pattern
I need to be in charge and have things done my way, and people resent me and fight with me.

Defensive Pattern
When I get criticized, I defend myself, and it often leads to a fight.

Dependent Pattern
I need my partner’s love to feel whole.

Intimacy-Avoiding Pattern
I long for love and intimacy but it doesn’t happen in my relationships.

Judgmental Pattern
People tell me that I’m too judgmental so they pull away from me.

Passive-Aggressive Pattern
I want to please people, but somehow they get frustrated and annoyed with me.

People-Pleasing Pattern
I go out of my way to please people while ignoring my own needs.

Rebel Pattern
I feel a need to fight with people in power.

Self-Effacing Pattern
I feel shy and awkward in social settings.

Personal Patterns

Depressed Pattern
I feel low energy, hopeless, and bad about myself.

Destroyer Pattern
I believe that I am fundamentally flawed and don’t deserve to exist.

Foggy Pattern
I feel spaced out, sleepy, or confused.

Food Controller Pattern
I am really hard on myself when my eating gets out of control.

Indulger Pattern
I overeat and can’t get my weight under control.

Inner Critic Pattern
I judge myself, doubt myself, and push myself to be different than I am.

Perfectionist Pattern
The things I do never seem to be good enough.

Procrastination Pattern
I avoid doing tasks that need to be done.

Taskmaster Pattern
I push myself to work all the time and judge myself as lazy or incompetent.

Underminer Pattern
I tell myself that I am inadequate and I shouldn’t bother trying to make something of myself.

Victim Pattern
I have been wronged and it has ruined my life.

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