List of Psychological Issues

The following tables list some common psychological issues and the patterns in Self-Therapy Journey that address them. Click on the link to learn more about the pattern and how Self-Therapy Journey can transform it.

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Interpersonal Issues Pattern(s)
Anger Angry Pattern
Being judgmental Judgmental Pattern
Being controlling Controlling Pattern
Codependence Caretaking Pattern
Defensiveness Defensive Pattern
Defiance Rebel Pattern
Dependence Dependent Pattern
Fear of conflict Conflict-Avoiding Pattern
Lack of intimacy Intimacy-Avoiding Pattern
Passive-aggressive Passive-Aggressive Pattern
People-pleasing People-Pleasing Pattern
Shyness Self-Effacing Pattern

Personal Issues Pattern(s)
Bulimia Indulger Pattern, Food Controller Pattern
Depression Depressed Pattern, Destroyer Pattern
Dissociation Foggy Pattern
Inner Critic Inner Critic Pattern
Lack of self-confidence Underminer Pattern
Low self-esteem Inner Critic Pattern, Depressed Pattern
Eating Issues Indulger Pattern,  Food Controller Pattern
Perfectionism Perfectionist Pattern
Procrastination Procrastination Pattern
Workaholism Taskmaster Pattern
Playing victim Victim Pattern

Pattern Quizzes

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XA pattern is a way of acting, relating, thinking, or feeling that is a problem for you or others. It may keep you from getting you what you want in life. It may close you off to your own experience or your connection with others. It may cause you or others unnecessary pain. A pattern tends to be too rigid, extreme, dysfunctional, or inappropriate for whatever situation you are in.

Click here for a list of all the patterns in STJ. 

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