List of Wounds

Below is a list of the emotional wounds in STJ. Each of these corresponds to a way that you may have been wounded as a child (or occasionally as an adult). As a result of incidents or relationships from childhood, you took on pain or negatives beliefs about yourself.

Clicking a link below takes you to a short description of the wound, with the option to work on it. This gives you a chance to explore your wound and its origins and to heal it.

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Harm Wounds

Attack Wound - I was yelled at, hit, or exposed to violence, and now I am afraid of people’s anger.

Judgment Wound - I was judged harshly and frequently, and now I feel inadequate and bad about myself.

Shame Wound - I was publicly ridiculed and embarrassed, and now I feel ashamed of myself.

Violation Wound - I was intruded on, smothered, or abused.

Manipulation Wounds

Domination Wound - I was dominated and controlled, and now I allow people to control me or I am afraid of that happening again.

Exploitation Wound - I was used to meet my parent's needs.

Betrayal Wound - I trusted a caregiver and then was betrayed by them, and now I have a hard time trusting anyone.

Guilt Wound - I was repeatedly made to feel guilty about things I did, and now I can't forgive myself.

Rejection Wounds

Rejection Wound - When I reached out for connection, I was dismissed, and now I don’t expect people to like me or want me.

Need Wound - I wasn’t adequately nurtured and cared for, and now I feel empty and needy.

Abandonment Wound - After being taken care of for a while, I was abandoned, and now I am afraid of being left again.

Not-Seen Wound - I was not seen and appreciated for who I am.

Deficiency Wounds

Basic Deficiency Wound - Because of what happened to me, I feel that I am fundamentally flawed.

Unlovable Wound - Because of what happened to me, I believe that I am not lovable.

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 Wounds Quiz

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XA wound is an underlying psychological place of pain or negative belief about yourself or the world. 

A wound is caused by an incident or series of incidents or a relationship in childhood (or occasionally in adulthood) in which you were harmed, frightened, or rejected in some way, or in which you didn't get important needs met. The result is unresolved pain or trauma. For example, the Domination Wound leads you to expect to be dominated or to be afraid of being dominated. It is caused by being controlled too much as a child.

If you know IFS, a wound is a type of burden carried by an exile. For example, if you have the Abandonment Wound, it means that you have an exile who was abandoned.

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