Mentors for Self-Therapy Journey

The following people say that they are familiar enough with Self-Therapy Journey to help new users to learn how to use it. You are welcome to contact them and see if they are willing to be a mentor for you.

What is an STJ Mentor?

A mentor is an experienced STJ user who is willing to help new users. This might be done in various ways. The mentor might be on the phone with the new user during their first STJ session to guide them in getting started and answer their questions. The mentor might just be available for a phone call, email, or text if the user has a question. The mentor might meet with the user on the phone after each STJ session to provide listening and support, and answer questions.

This arrangement might be just for the user's first STJ session, or it might be for the entire sequence of sessions in dealing with the first pattern the user works on. The exact arrangement can be worked out between the mentor and user.


We have not checked out the mentors listed to see if they do know enough about STJ to be helpful or to see if they will be helpful. So you must use your own judgment in deciding whether to work with any of them. Self-Therapy Journey LLC makes no representations as to the qualifications, competence, or experience of any mentor. If you connect with any of them, whether on the phone, in person, or on the internet, you are assuming all risks of any such interaction or communication.

L D Powell
Gender: Male
Job: Technology
Recovery Experience: 8 years recovery work. Currently working on co-depence. Approximately 2 years experience with IFS and 6 months with Patterns.
Lydia R.
Portland, OR
Gender: Female
Job: Self-Employed
I was able to illuminate and ease several patterns in the 3 months I explored the Pattern System. I am looking forward to helping others refine their Pattern System experience to the best of my abilities, with an encouraging approach.

Suzanne Shelton

Suzanne has experience with IFS, The Pattern System and was a tester for the Self-Therapy Journey website. She is working with the following patterns: Inner Critic (many of them), Intimacy - Dependence and Distancing, Judgment, People Pleasing to name a few. Suzanne is currently studying massage and has a degree in Physical Education with a minor in Psychology. Prior to that she was a stay at home mom as well as a fitness professional. After studying numerous forms of therapy, Suzanne learned about IFS and Jay's Pattern System and found it to be of great help. She has experience with making life-altering decisions at mid-life that throw caution to the wind, and and then living to tell about it.
Claire France Female. I speak english and dutch, but my mother tongue is french. I have been studying psychology for several years (Person-Centered Approach, Non Violent Communication, Transactional Analysis).

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