Obtaining Therapist Access Codes

Here is where you can request access codes that give your clients access to explore their emotional wounds. Click on the link below to enter information about yourself and your license. Once this is confirmed, you will receive the access codes by email, using the email address you entered. The process of confirming your license has to be done by hand by my assistant, so it may take a day or two before you get your codes.
You can request either 5 or 10 codes, one for each person who will be using STJ under your auspices. Give each person a different code, and make sure to keep careful track of your codes and the people you have given them to. You can always come back and request more codes.

If you want to have access to work on your wounds, then you can use one of your codes for yourself.

Click here to log in (or register if it's your first time) This must be done before getting the access codes. It is free.

Click here to read our Terms of Service for mental health professionals. Clicking the access codes link below (which will appear once you log in) indicates that you agree to the Terms of Service.