Online Therapy: Free and Low Cost

Jay Earley, PhD

Are you looking for online therapy, free or low cost? Most online therapy sites just arrange it for you to interact with a therapist by email, phone, or chat. You still have to pay the therapist their fee for however much of their time you use. There are some sites where you can ask questions of therapists and get responses for free, but this isn’t really therapy. If you need crisis counseling, that is often provided for free.

But free online therapy isn’t very common. However, there are some options for very low-cost online therapy. If you have a specific mental health issue that you want help with, such as depression or anxiety, there are many targeted apps that can help you. Psych Central and Behavioral Health are two sites that have lists of them.

If you want to work on something that is a problem in living and not an official mental health symptom, there usually isn’t an app for it. Self-Therapy Journey seems to be the first website that permits you to work on a wide variety of problems in living. You can work on procrastination, low self-esteem, shyness, anger, or inner critic attacks, for example. You can also work on changing relational patterns such as people-pleasing, intimacy-avoiding, defiance, or passive-aggressive behavior. Self-Therapy Journey also includes common mental health issues such as depression and overeating. And many other issues as well.

Self-Therapy Journey allows you to…
  • Take charge of your personal growth
  • Work at your own schedule
  • Have complete privacy if you prefer
  • Understand what patterns you need to change
  • Heal your underlying emotional wounds
  • Practice new behavior
Self-Therapy Journey is an interactive online tool that can be used completely on your own or with peer support. The cost is very low—just $25/month for an unlimited number of sessions on an unlimited number of issues.

By using Self-Therapy Journey, you can…
  • Transform stuck behaviors
  • Develop new healthy capacities
  • Gain self-confidence and courage
  • Open to intimacy and love
  •  Feel hope and optimism about your life - each and every day
You can get this with a good therapist but you probably want your online therapy free or inexpensive. And you may want to work on your own.

Discover how the inner process of Self-Therapy Journey can give you powerful results. It is an interactive web application that includes check lists, stories, guided meditations, journalling, personalized reports, customized homework practices, an online community, mentors, and much more.

Want to discover which psychological issues you have and how Self-Therapy Journey can help you resolve them? Take one of our quizzes—on intimacy, conflict in love relationships, inner critic attacks, overeating, interpersonal issues, or other topics.

Self-Therapy Journey is based on two comprehensive and effective systems. (1) The Pattern System is a breakthrough in understanding personality that allows you to know your inner workings in detail. It is a “periodic table” for psychology. (2) Internal Family Systems Therapy is a cutting-edge approach therapy method. It allows you to understand your psyche as a system of parts and effect deep, powerful healing of old emotional wounds and transformation of behavior.

Want to find out how Self-Therapy Journey works? Click here to sign up for an online therapy free trial for five days, so you can discover for yourself how effective Self-Therapy Journey is and how easy it is to use.