Our Mission

Self-Therapy Journey is the first of its kind—a general-purpose web program for self-therapy—psychological exploration and healing.

There is a great need for help in dealing with the problems in our lives, as evidenced by the popularity of self-help books. Many people who need psychotherapy, counseling, or life coaching can’t afford them, don’t have access to them, or prefer to work on their own. Our mission is to reach these people and help to improve their functioning and relating, and also introduce them to the power of therapy in changing their lives.

Therefore Self-Therapy Journey (STJ) has the chance to make a big impact on the world. Here’s how.

STJ not only helps people to function well, feel good, and get what they want in life, it does this by a process that fosters self-awareness, openness, compassion, cooperation, and love. So STJ does two things
(1)  It helps people to be happy, connected, and successful and
(2)  In the process it instills these values and attitudes that make for a better world.

STJ takes a process that is needed by millions of people—psychological help—and makes it available over the web for a tiny fraction of the cost of therapy. STJ is also convenient, private, empowering, and can be done on your own time schedule. Thus it has the chance to be used by a great many people and therefore to spread these healthy values and attitudes throughout the world. This will help to make our families, communities, organizations, and countries more caring, cooperative, and peaceful.

You can become part of this, by contributing to the STJ community, by helping to enhance STJ, and by spreading the word about it.

And STJ isn’t just a solitary internet pursuit, except for those people who value that privacy. We are creating a vibrant online community of people who are connecting with each other and supporting each other in their psychological healing and growth as buddies or mentors, in forums, phone calls, and eventually in-person meetings. Community is an important part of the process of self-discovery and transformation for many people. Sharing our personal process and receiving emotional support helps us to navigate those difficult internal places that need healing. When we help others to grow, it enhances our understanding of ourselves and deepens our own growth.

You can also help to enhance STJ with feedback and ideas for improving it or the Pattern System. You can help with the expansion of Self-Therapy Journey by telling your friends about it, by passing the word online, and by contributing to its funding.

Self-Therapy Journey is part of what we could call the “personal growth movement,” which has been going strong since the 1970’s. STJ is just one of thousands of groups and organizations that foster psychological healing, spiritual awareness, or personal development. Because STJ is the first web program of its kind, it has the chance to reach huge numbers of people, thereby making a significant difference in the world. We invite you to join us in this exciting endeavor.

ENROLLand start exploring yourself