The Pattern System®


A Periodic Table for Psychology

The Pattern System is a breakthrough in understanding personality that is oriented toward psychological healing and personal growth, created by Jay Earley, PhD. The Pattern System also helps you to understand other people—why they respond as they do, what makes them tick. It gives you a much more detailed understanding of yourself than other personality systems.

Once you have understood the Pattern System and explored yourself according to its model, you will come away with a comprehensive map of your psyche. You will be able to see...
  • Your strengths
  • Your defenses
  • What drives your behavior
  • Why you feel bad about yourself
  • Your underlying emotional pain
  • How you compensate for that
  • Your inner conflicts
  • The leading edge of your growth

Browse the Pattern System. Check out the three groups of dimensions and browse though their patterns and capacities.

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Pattern System Quizzes. A variety of quizzes, including quizzes to help you determine which patterns and wounds you have and which capacities you need to develop, and quizzes on specific psychological issues. These quizzes cover those patterns and capacities that you can work on in Self-Therapy Journey.

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