Testimonials on the People-Pleasing Pattern

The following testimonials were for my booklet A Pleaser No Longer, which was created before Self-Therapy Journey. Most of the content of that book is in STJ, and the online workbook associated with that booklet is a precursor to STJ, so these endorsements really apply to STJ as well.

This was a really powerful book for me. Although I have been working on unhooking from my people pleasing pattern for the last six years and have made significant progress, from this book and workbook I experienced a depth dissolving of my core beliefs that hadn’t happened before. Earley’s style of writing and on-line system are very concise and elegant. The book flows smoothly and the website works well. This is such a neat system, and I use the tools daily to smooth my way. Thanks for this magnificent contribution in the form of the pattern system. It’s truly amazing!
--Jill Sosna

To say I am familiar with people pleasing thoughts and behaviors is an understatement. I live and breathe them. Even after years of work on myself and improvement, this pattern still operates in me. And in my role as therapist, I see this behavior in my clients daily. This is why I am grateful to Jay Earley for not only this book but the new series of ebooks, workbooks, and the online community with a buddy system to support you while you wrestle with the issues. What I find most helpful about the book is the directness and practical applicability of this new format. It goes straight to the heart of the matter and asks important questions about the subconscious patterns that are keeping you hooked to pleasing.
I am finding the journey through the online workbook enlightening, helpful and challenging. I really appreciate Earley’s directness and pointed questioning. I heartily recommend this book and this approach. I will be using this resource as a consistent check to monitor my taking care of myself. I will also use it regularly in my practice to help the many clients that come to me with people-pleasing struggles. Great work!
-- Josephine Ludwig, RPh, MA, PLPC

I found this book useful, easy to follow and gentle in its approach. It has successfully avoided jargon but encouraged me instead to look for my gains, needs and fears with regards to my people-pleasing. It offers insights about why we seem so often to be stuck in unsatisfactory and repetitive behavior. It also emphasizes the means and choices for change. I liked the layout, where case examples, graphics and the workbook make for lively reading. The daily and weekly check-ins kept me engaged.
-- Ines Hasenfuss