Personal Dimension Group

Here is a chart showing the Personal Dimensions, with their patterns and capacities. Below the chart is a description of each dimension and a link to its patterns and capacities. Some dimensions are not yet in STJ; these don't have links.

For an explanation of this chart, watch the videos at Pattern System and for more details about the columns in the chart, click here.

Browsing the Personal Dimensions

Below are the Personal Dimensions. You can browse the ones that seem most relevant to your issues. When you click on each dimension, you will see its patterns and capacities, where you can learn more about them or work on them. (Some dimensions don't have links because they haven't yet been implemented in Self-Therapy Journey.)

Change Dimension. How do you deal with the process of personal change? Do you work well on personal growth, and can you be at ease with the process? Do you push yourself impatiently to change? Do you avoid growth work or sabotage your efforts to change? (This dimension is not yet in STJ.)

Hope Dimension. Are you hopeful about the future yet realistic about what can happen? Do you tend to pessimistically expect the worst? Or are you lost in pipe dreams, being naively optimistic about the future without considering the difficulties? (This dimension is not yet in STJ.)

Reason/Emotion Dimension. How much are you oriented toward reason versus emotion? Are you emotionally open, or do you get lost in your head? Are you able to think clearly, or do you get carried away by your emotions? (This dimension is not yet in STJ.)

Coherence Dimension. Can you be creative and still clear? Or do you slide into fogginess, confusion, forgetfulness, and distraction? Do you get so rigidly focused that it blocks your creativity?

Vision Dimension. Do you have the vision to see the bigger picture of your life or other questions? Can you also deal with matters in a practical way, or are your visions impractical? Are you overly practical or mechanical so that you are lacking in vision? (This dimension is not yet in STJ.)

Resilience/Sensitivity Dimension. Do you bounce back from pain or difficulty, or are you fragile and easily overwhelmed by feelings and external stimuli? Are you sensitive emotionally, intuitively, and spiritually, or are you closed? (This dimension is not yet in STJ.)

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