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"I was able to give words to what it was that was happening...I'm able to have a little insight and perspective on it...Not only did I benefit from my personal journey...even seasoned therapists can really benefit from doing the work. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend that someone do an initial exploration of the system and the process...Coming out on the other side is so freeing and so wonderful that it's really all worth it."
-- Faith

I have processed my Judgmental Pattern on Dr. Jay Earley's Self-Therapy Journey, and I found it to be the next best thing to working with a live therapist for exploring unhealed wounds from the past that led to extreme feelings and beliefs--often leading to problematic behavior and attitudes in the present. It gave me not only clear insights as to how these patterns arose, it also gave me concrete tools for healing them and becoming a more whole and complete human being. 
-- Tom Burdenski, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Associate Professor of Psychology and Counseling

I think Self-Therapy Journey is immensely helpful. I have people who are waiting to hear the report on what I learned next! I'm looking forward to being able to use it with clients. The interconnectedness and the depth of the exploration is quite something! I'm impressed with the comprehensiveness of the system. You can go as deep as you're willing or want to go. It's perpetually useful.
-- Elizabeth Moulton , Clinical Psychologist

Self-Therapy Journey is surprisingly powerful and easy to use.  Even though I've done a lot of IFS therapy, the application helped me further relax dependent patterns I experience, and made a difference in my daily relationship with my significant other: I've noticed less "clingy" energy in myself when she wants distance, for example, without a lot of effort in the moment to achieve that.  The application also surfaced other bookmarks I could return to and continue to work on, should that be useful.  

I also like the practice plan it helped me create, so I know I have a resource I can use if it's hard to change some of my ingrained habits and a few of the patterns return.  I'm really excited about referring my coaching clients to this resource as well, so they can deepen and extend the work they start with me.
-- Mark Hurwich, executive coach

I gained some pretty incredible insights from Self-Therapy Journey that had never hit me before about the motivations of my Taskmaster. The last stage seemed perfectly designed to further the inner work that had already started to occur—identifying and challenging unrealistic fears, and developing some self-talk to challenge and soothe these fears.  The program also helped me to recognize what my own pattern triggers in other people—especially my husband. Overall this was an enormously helpful program. I love that it is self-paced and can be done in one’s own timeframe from the privacy of home.  It really allowed me to explore my pattern in a safe, titrated way, and to gain some amazing insights.
-- S. D., psychotherapist

Using Self-Therapy Journey was a profound experience for me. I did some deep work in an area that was unexpected. I am glad for this tool to get me interested in places where, left to my own devices, I wouldn't know how to go to on my own.
-- Charlotte Nuessle, Yoga Therapist and Educator

The problems that I worked on using Self-Therapy Journey have been resolved. It’s a really nice way to work by yourself and get clear and connect the dots about something you want to change. It helped to bring my issue to the program and strategize about the behavior I wanted to be different. I find it hard to be in therapy or a group, so I liked the idea of doing it on my own in this format. I love the Pattern System. I can’t wait until the book on it comes out. The Pattern System has jump-started a lot of my clients in understanding their issues at the beginning of their work. People really do like maps of what is going on inside.
-- Cathy Duke, Licensed Counselor

The interesting thing about resolving a long-standing pattern or issue is that it is later hard to recall exactly how it really was. Having worked through a pattern of judging and blaming using Self-Therapy Journey, I notice many areas of my life where there is now more ease and inner care. Events that would have triggered the old pattern now hold less charge and I am able to step back from old ways of thinking and behaving and attend to what I really need in each moment. This has helped my become more empowered in how I respond in the world and much kinder towards myself and others.

I started testing a pattern that didn’t fit me very well but then discovered one that really did. I became fully engaged emotionally while exploring the Wounds, and the journey unfolded from there in a quite powerful way. It is impressive that this tool was so helpful to me considering that I have done ample self-work for over 25 years. I imagine that this tool would be exceedingly helpful to someone less experienced.

Things I found most helpful:
* Naming and definition of the Not-Seen wound, which I had never seen formulated so simply, clearly and powerfully.
* Working with parts as characters—discovering names, images, and even personalities. Talking to them directly in the guided meditations.
* The combination of explanations and guided meditations. The former promote rational understanding and the latter non-rational experience and integration of the material.
Overall, a really great experience!
-- Faith, MA, Clinical Psychology

I became more at ease with Self-Therapy Journey the more time I spent with it. I was able to yield more to the process and accept it for what it is. It isn’t therapy; it is more independent work. It was powerful, in a simple way, to choose a name for my part and then have it show up in the text. I began to own the process more. I didn't feel so alone because my own words and images came back and spoke to me. I found comfort and insight that was meaningful. The application is structured, but there is a fluidity to it because you bring your own perspective and it is incorporated into the reports. The meditations were really good. Overall it was very helpful. I plan to continue to work with and apply what I learned in Self-Therapy Journey.
-- Deborah J. Devlin M.Ed. LSW, Behavioral Health therapist

Even though you may be interested in working with one issue of concern (such as overeating), Self-Therapy Journey creates an engagement with yourself that has far-reaching healing potential. The dynamic mapping and stages of this system allow us to safely move through the maze of our inner complexity in a step-by-step manner. As a therapist, I expect that Self-Therapy Journey will prove to be very helpful for both users working on their own and those working with a professional. It offers a continuity of inner work, a clarity of steps, and an important fourfold mind/emotion/social interaction/behavior integration. It was developed for whole-brain, multiple intelligences, so your strengths will be engaged and you will develop new skills and understandings. This is a breakthrough in self-directed psychological work, making personal transformation available to a potentially large audience.
-- John Cardwell, MSW

Professionals also gave their thoughts on specific areas of Self-Therapy Journey:

Current weight-loss programs appeal to our fantasies about fast and easy change and don’t address the emotional, behavioral, and cognitive restructuring that is required to sustain your target weight. Dr. Jay Earley has created an online program, Self-Therapy Journey, to help us understand and modify common eating patterns, such as emotional eating to soothe ourselves, self-berating thoughts about overeating, and “zoning out” so that we aren’t aware of what we eat. No other weight management program exists that even attempts to address these core psychological patterns. The system includes an evidence-based psychotherapy called Internal Family Systems, which is user friendly and includes mindfulness and meditation. This makes Self-Therapy Journey a comprehensive interactive online tool for managing weight. If you can’t afford individual therapy and want help on your own time-frame, this may be the journey for you.
-- Denise Ray, MSW, LGSW

Self Therapy Journey is a unique tool, giving you the power to take charge of disordered eating. You can be confident of getting to the root of the issue, not just dealing with the symptom—excessive weight gain—but the emotional roots. You are not judged but rather given a sense of hope. Anyone who has struggled to gain control of their eating will recognize the different patterns involved—the Indulger, the Food Controller, and particularly the Foggy Pattern, which seem to conspire against us being able to tackle eating issues. With Self-Therapy Journey, you can be confident that no stone will be left unturned. You will see the dynamics of the different parts and their roles in your internal struggle. With this understanding, you can have true hope of finally regaining a healthy relationship with food.
-- Alison Watson, BA Hons Counseling, MBACP

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