Explanation of Access Codes

Clients: You can copy the link to this page and send it to your therapist or counselor.
It explains the process of getting access codes.

Dear Therapist or Counselor,

Your client is a user of Self-Therapy Journey or wants to start using Self-Therapy Journey as an adjunct to their work with you. Self-Therapy Journey (STJ) is a web program for psychological exploration and healing. It can be used by people for self-guided work or as an adjunct to psychotherapy or counseling. You can learn more about it by clicking the icon in the header of this page to go to our home page or by reading the booklet I mention below. 
Naturally, painful and debilitating feelings can come up for a client when exploring the emotional wounds behind their psychological issues, so this work is not appropriate for everyone. Therefore, users are not permitted to do this unless they have been OK'd by a licensed therapist or counselor.

Your client would like your permission to work on their emotional wounds. You must use your clinical judgment to determine if it is safe for them to explore their wounds on their own in this way. (Of course, they will only be on their own while working with STJ. I assume that afterwards they can contact you for help if they need it.)

If you want to learn more about Self-Therapy Journey in order to determine if this work on wounds is appropriate for your client, you can click here to get the booklet, The Professionals's Guide to STJ.

If you decide it is appropriate for your client to work on their wounds, you can request access codes from us and give one to your client. (If you have more than one interested client, you would provide a different access code for each client.) You can obtain access codes at Obtaining Therapist Access Codes.

If you have further questions, feel free to email me at info@selftherapyjourney.com.

Thank you,
Jay Earley, PhD, Licensed CA Psychologist
Creator of Self-Therapy Journey