Terms of Service for Therapists and Counselors

You may request a certain number of access codes, each of which allows a user access to working on their emotional wounds in Self-Therapy Journey. You may give out an access code to a client or patient of yours or to someone whom you have agreed to guide in using Self-Therapy Journey. Each code is unique, so only one person can use it.

Working with emotional wounds from childhood may not be appropriate for everyone using Self-Therapy Journey. You must use your clinical judgment in deciding which clients to give access codes, based on your assessment of their psychological condition. You are responsible for determining if this aspect of Self-Therapy Journey is appropriate for each person you give an access code to. By obtaining these access codes and providing one to a particular individual, you are responsible for helping them with any difficulties that may arise as a result of their using Self-Therapy Journey.

By providing an access code to an individual, you are agreeing to hold Self-Therapy Journey LLC harmless for any loss, damage, or harm that has resulted or may be claimed to have resulted through the use of Self-Therapy Journey. This hold harmless or indemnity is to be interpreted in accordance with California law.