"Transformation" Enrollment Level

  • Psychological insight
  • Behavior change
  • Experiential depth (IFS) therapy
  • Personality transformation
For people who want to…
  • Dedicate themselves to personal growth work
  • Engage in depth therapy for full transformation
  • Explore and heal their childhood wounds
  • Augment their psychotherapy with self-therapy
What is Included
Stage 1. Exploring the pattern
Stage 2. Healing the emotional wounds that underlie it
Stage 3. Exploring the capacity that transforms it
Stage 4. Working through the fears that drive the pattern
Stage 5. Creating a real-time practice that activates the capacity

Access Code
You must have a Stage 2 access code to use the Transformation Level. Click here for information about how to get one.

Enrollment Options

If you want to enroll for a single pattern or capacity at the Transformation Level, first enroll for the pattern or capacity at the Change Level for $14.50, and then, in Stage 2, you can enroll for any wounds that you want to heal for $8 each.

You can enroll for a single wound at the Transformation Level for $8, and this can be very useful if you experience the wound directly. However, if the wound drives dysfunctional behavior (a pattern), the most complete transformation will result from working on that pattern (and the capacity it is paired with) and including the wound in Stage 2. This can be done by enrolling for that pattern at the Change Level or using the monthly subscription described next.

You can subscribe to get access to all patterns, capacities, and wounds in STJ at the Transformation Level for a monthly fee of $40.

Click here for information on all enrollment levels and choices.

Click Enrollment to make your enrollment choice.

Click Enrollment

to make your enrollment choice

XA pattern is a way of acting, relating, thinking, or feeling that is a problem for you or others. It may keep you from getting you what you want in life. It may close you off to your own experience or your connection with others. It may cause you or others unnecessary pain. A pattern tends to be too rigid, extreme, dysfunctional, or inappropriate for whatever situation you are in.

Click here for a list of all the patterns in STJ. 

If you know IFS, click here for a discussion of how patterns relate to IFS.

XA capacity is a healthy way of being. It is a goal for personal growth. It is a way of functioning (and experiencing) that involves feeling good, getting what you want in life, and relating well to other people. Some capacities are interpersonal, such as Intimacy and Assertiveness. Some are personal, such as Ease and Self-Esteem.

Click here for a list of all the capacities in STJ.

XA wound is an underlying psychological place of pain or negative belief about yourself or the world. 

A wound is caused by an incident or series of incidents or a relationship in childhood (or occasionally in adulthood) in which you were harmed, frightened, or rejected in some way, or in which you didn't get important needs met. The result is unresolved pain or trauma. For example, the Domination Wound leads you to expect to be dominated or to be afraid of being dominated. It is caused by being controlled too much as a child.

If you know IFS, a wound is a type of burden carried by an exile. For example, if you have the Abandonment Wound, it means that you have an exile who was abandoned.

You must have an access code in order to work on wounds. Click here for more information about this.