Description of the Centered Capacity

The Centered Capacity involves the ability to stay calm and grounded, especially in situations that might trigger parts of you. When you have this capacity developed, you are able to keep your cool and make level-headed choices about how to act, without being reactive. If someone does something that triggers you, this capacity helps you to look at things logically as well as emotionally. You're able to recognize that you may have anger, resentment, or other feelings that have arisen, but you're able to see them without acting from them. When you are centered, you maintain your ability to choose a response rather than being emotionally reactive.

For example, instead of shouting or making snide remarks, you are able to think to yourself, "I feel angry that he said that to me, so I will let him know what's going on for me." It's normal to have emotions come up when something triggers you, and being Centered will help you stay in touch with how you feel and to choose a reasonable response based on your whole experience.

Coming from a Centered place, you feel safe with yourself and others feel comfortable being in close relationships with you, knowing that when conflicts arise, you'll be able to discuss and resolve them with fairness and caring.

This is an ideal description of this capacity. You don't need to fully reach this to enjoy the capacity and its positive effects in your life. Just work toward having as much of it as you can.

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