Description of the Cooperation Capacity

Cooperation involves the ability to be receptive and work well with others. You are open to other people's ideas and desires while not ignoring your own. You can assert yourself while also being able to go along with what other people want, and you can determine which is more appropriate for any situation. Most important, you can harmonize with others when working together or making joint decisions without giving up on your opinions, feelings, or desires.

You can empower other people to contribute their skills to a project. You can follow someone else's lead when appropriate, and you can take the lead yourself if that is what is needed. You can facilitate other people working together well as part of a community or team. When there is conflict, you can compromise or find solutions that are best for all concerned.

When someone has greater knowledge or expertise in one area, you can follow them and learn from them while still retaining your power to disagree or opt out when appropriate. When you have the greater knowledge, you can use it for everyone's benefit while still allowing others to have their say and retain their autonomy.

This is an ideal description of this capacity. You don't need to fully reach this to enjoy the capacity and its positive effects in your life. Just work toward having as much of it as you can.

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