Description of the Foggy Pattern

The Foggy Pattern causes a lapse in consciousness where you feel dull, confused, blank, spacy, sleepy, or absent-minded. You might lose the thread of a conversation or not be aware of what is happening in the moment. In more extreme cases, it can cause complete dissociation, where feel like you have left your body or you don't remember things you did.

The Foggy Pattern often arises when you are trying to explore yourself, making it hard to remember the thread of your work or to access a part.

The Foggy Pattern is transformed by the Clarity Capacity.

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 If you are in the middle of working on a pattern and thinking of switching to work on the Foggy Pattern, keep this in mind: Exploring a new pattern usually takes many hours and multiple sessions. If you switch now, you will be able to come back later and pick up where you left off on the pattern you are currently working on. When you click the above link to switch patterns, the system will create a Restart Point, which you can access from the Pattern Status and Restart page linked to from your Dashboard. Later when you want to return to resume working on the current pattern, use that Restart Point to return to the page where you left off. For information about how Restart Points operate, click here.

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XThe Clarity Capacity includes the ability to think clearly—to be able to follow your internal process without getting distracted by external stimuli or tangential thoughts. Clarity about your experience enables you to know what is going on in the moment and track it. It supports your ability to follow your own personal thread or story.

Clarity involves the ability to think clearly and stay focused on a chain of thought. It enables you to make good decisions by being able to distinguish between facts and wishes, realities and projections. Clarity means being able to perceive another person’s emotional state and distinguish it from your own. It helps you understand the impact of external influences on your emotional and physical state.