Description of the Inner Critic Pattern

If you have the Inner Critic Pattern, it means there is a part of you that judges you, demeans you, doubts you, and tells you who you should be. It undermines your self-confidence and makes you feel bad about yourself.

Your Inner Critic is responsible for feelings of worthlessness. When you feel ashamed, hopeless, inadequate, or just plain awful about yourself, it’s because your Inner Critic is attacking you. It has a variety of methods, but most commonly, it works by hammering you with negative messages about your self-worth. It may criticize your looks, your work habits, your intelligence, the way you care for others, or any number of other things.

Your Inner Critic may evaluate and judge your feelings and behavior and sometimes your core self. It may tell you what you should and shouldn’t do. It may criticize you for not meeting its expectations or the expectations of people who are important to you. It may doubt you and tell you that you can’t be successful. Your Inner Critic may shame you for who you are, or it may make you feel guilty about things you have done.

The Inner Critic Pattern is transformed by the Self-Esteem Capacity.

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XYou feel good about yourself just as you are. You don't need to do anything to earn high self-esteem. You are accepting of yourself as you are, including any shortcomings without judging yourself for them. You appreciate your talents, gifts, skills, and what you have accomplished in your life.

This allows you to feel free to be yourself and to express yourself. You feel happy and joyful just living your life. You feel confident in your abilities to accomplish what you want in your life and to connect with people.

When other people doubt you or judge you, when people don't connect with you or appreciate you, or when you fail at something, you can take this in stride. You don't take such an event as evidence that there is anything wrong with you. You learn from it (if appropriate) and move on to whatever is next with continued confidence that you will succeed.