Avoidant Part Meditation

This is a meditation (about 20 minutes) for working with a part that is avoiding working the Self-Therapy Journey.

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Meditation Instructions

XFind a private, quiet place where you won't be disturbed. (Don't ever try to do a guided meditation while driving a car.) During this guided meditation, if the instructions don’t match what you need in that moment, feel free to do what is right for you. If you need to spend more time on one section and less on another, feel free to do that. If painful or overwhelming emotions come up, don't continue with the meditation. You can click Self-Soothing Help. For help with guided meditations, click here.

Once you start the recording, the play button turns into a pause button, so you can pause the meditation at any point if you need more time for a certain part of it. You can also fast-forward or rewind by dragging the light green edge within the circle forward (clockwise) or back (counter-clockwise).

If this page contains a text box below for taking notes on the meditation, do not do this while you are listening to it as this may cause the recording to start over.

When you are ready to begin the guided meditation, get into a comfortable position and click one of the versions below.

(Allow a few seconds for the audio to start).

With Music
Without Music

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