Getting Oriented When You Are Lost

Not Sure Which Stage You Are On? There are 5 stages, plus an Intro before and a conclusion after. Each stage involves a step sequence. After you complete that sequence, you will return to this master stage sequence and go on to the next stage, until you have completed all five.

You can always tell where you are in this process by looking at the header, which also has links to each of the stages in case you want to jump around.

Not Sure Which Step You Are On?
. If you aren't sure where you are in the current step sequence, check the left column. It shows the whole sequence and highlights the step you are currently on. You can then click on any step in the left column to go there.

Not Sure Which Pattern You Are On? If you switched to work on a different pattern or capacity, you can tell the current pattern by looking at the stage headers.

Feeling Overwhelmed by Too Many Options? Self-Therapy Journey provides a lot of options for exploring different patterns, capacities, and wounds. If you explore every one that comes up while you are working through a pattern, you may get overwhelmed. It would be better to either mark them for exploring later or just ignore the ones that aren't crucial for your current pattern. This way you can stay on track.

Returning to the Pattern You Were On. If you want to get back to a previous pattern you were working on, go to your Dashboard and then click on Restart Points. This will show you a list of all the previous patterns you worked on (for which you or the system saved a Restart Point). You can examine each one and decide which one you want to return to.

Starting a New Pattern. If you want to start on a new pattern or return to a pattern for which you didn't save a Restart Point, go to Exploring Yourself and look through the list of patterns or capacities (or take a quiz or browse the Pattern System), and begin with whichever pattern or capacity you want.
XA step sequence is a series of pages that represent steps in a process. You normally go through the steps (pages) in order using the Next link. Links to the pages appear in order in the left column, and you can click on those left column links to go back to a page in the sequence at any point.