IFS Resources

Even though many people can resolve their psychological issues using Self-Therapy Journey, many others find that they need additional help. You may find that you get lost or overwhelmed working on your own with STJ. You may find that you can transform certain patterns fine while others bring up deeper pain or more powerful defenses, and you can't deal with these by just using STJ. You might discover in doing the guided meditations that other parts keep coming up that go beyond the one you are focusing on, and therefore the meditation doesn't offer you help with them.

For any of these reasons or others, you may need additional help. I recommend that you learn IFS therapy, a very powerful, user-friendly form of psychotherapy. IFS is the basis for many of the guided meditations in Self-Therapy Journey. Click here to learn more about IFS on our website, or click here for the official IFS website.

The following are a variety of ways to learn IFS: 

Read Self-Therapy by Jay Earley, PhD. This book is a manual for IFS for both therapists and lay people. For lay people, it shows you how to work on yourself using IFS. Click here for more information or to purchase the book.

To get a feel for how IFS works, click here to check out the many recordings of demonstration sessions that we offer in our online store. 

Take our phone courses in IFS. You learn how to work on yourself using IFS and also how to do IFS peer counseling with other people in the class. These courses are taught by Jay Earley, PhD, Bonnie Weiss, LCSW, and Everett Considine. Click here for more information and the current schedule. 

We also have recorded courses on IFS available for purchase, and we help you find partners for homework. Click here for more information.

We also teach courses on applying IFS to specific psychological issues, such as the Inner Critic or Overeating. See our IFS website for more information and the schedule of current courses. This website also contains additional information about IFS therapy and the classes, groups, and consultation we offer.

Find an IFS therapist through the Center for Self-Leadership. This Center is the organization run by Richard Schwartz, PhD, the creator of IFS. Its website contains a listing of trained IFS therapists organized by location. Click here to find a qualified IFS therapist in your local area.

Many IFS therapists also work with people over the phone or using Skype, including Jay Earley and Bonnie Weiss. Click here to contact us, or look for other IFS therapists who work over the phone at the Center for Self-Leadership website.

XIFS (Internal Family Systems Therapy) is a new cutting-edge form of individual therapy developed by pioneering psychologist Richard Schwartz, PhD, that provides a step-by-step approach to creating inner wholeness. 

IFS enables you to understand each of the parts of your psyche, sometimes called subpersonalities. You can think of them as little people inside you. Each has its own perspective, feelings, memories, goals, and motivations. For example, one part of you might be trying to lose weight, and another part might want to eat whatever you want. We all have many different parts, such as the procrastinator, the lover, the inner critic, the lonely child, the rebel, the caretaker, and so on.

IFS also recognizes that we each have a spiritual center, the Self, which is compassionate, understanding, and grounded. Through IFS you can learn to stay in Self, develop a relationship with each of your parts, and heal them. This is quite empowering because the healing comes from you.

Click here to read a one page article on IFS.

Click here to see Jay Earley's IFS website.

Click here to see Richard Schwartz's official IFS website.

To learn about the details of IFS, read Jay's book Self-Therapy.